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Winner's Magazine Category Adjacent - 2/3, Full, or Takeover Page

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Choose from a variety of categories and from our 3 size options for your ad. Available in a 2/3 Page, Full Page or a Takeover (which is a 2/3 Page and a Full Page on the same spread).

Bradenton's Best Winner's Publication publishes Sunday, July 30.

10,000 copies distributed to winner's locations across Bradenton.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to reach a great audience of Bradenton residents.

Order Deadline: Friday, June 9th
Art Approval: Friday, June 16th

Live Area: 4.85" x 9.875"

Trim Area: 5.35" x 10.875"

Bleed Area: 5.85" x 11.375"

Live Area: 7.375" x 9.875"

Trim Area: 8.375" x 10.875"

Bleed Area: 8.875" x 11.375"

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