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Healthy Bradenton Magazine

In 2022, the Bradenton Herald redefined Bradenton’s Best with a vibrant contest, aiming to involve the community in honoring their favorite places, restaurants, and businesses. This reimagined contest featured a stunning full-gloss magazine, directly reaching affluent households.

Building on this success, we proudly unveil Healthy Bradenton, a timely publication highlighting an important industry and delivering to a highly targeted audience. This unique health magazine will publish on Sunday, October 27.

Bradenton’s drive for innovation continues, particularly in healthcare. With an abundance of choices, individuals and families seek top-tier care to enhance their lifestyles. Healthy Bradenton spotlights exclusive content tailored for Bradenton residents, going beyond the obvious ‘eat healthy and exercise’ advice. There will also be opportunities to be part of the story.

We’re here to captivate our audience with inventive approaches.


It’s not just about healthy eating; it’s about navigating wellness in a fast-paced world. Can a pet assist in managing your child’s diabetes? Are your family’s habits impacting their hearing through constant earbud use? We delve into these issues, consulting experts, and deliver this tailored content to a meticulously targeted audience.


Cover concept for illustration purposes. The actual cover design may be different.

Publishes: Sunday, October 27

Distribution: 20,000 prints direct mailed to a highly targeted distribution list in the Bradenton area. This includes homeowners between 34-50 with children and a household income of $175,000+

Space Deadline: Tuesday, September 10

​Art Approval Deadline: Friday, September 27


Experience the Pickleball Craze

More than just a game, Pickleball promotes mental wellness, physical health, and social connection. Seniors find it particularly appealing for its low-impact nature, joint-friendly design, and smaller court size compared to tennis. Whether you’re discovering this vibrant sport for the first time or seeking new opportunities for recreation, this guide will equip seniors with the knowledge and resources to dive into the Pickleball scene.

Senior Dining

Gone are the days of bland and uninspiring meals in senior-care and retirement communities. Recognizing the discerning tastes of their residents, many facilities are making significant culinary upgrades. These communities are revolutionizing their approach by hiring experienced restaurant chefs and employing nutritionists to ensure both gourmet quality and nutritional value.

Mental Agility

As we age, maintaining sharp brain function becomes increasingly vital. While lifestyle factors like diet and exercise are well-known contributors to mental longevity, there are also enjoyable avenues to keep the mind agile. This article delves into engaging activities such as learning musical instruments, mastering new languages, and playing games, all of which can stimulate and enrich the aging brain.

Healthy Bradenton's Features


Ensuring Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

Addressing the importance of readiness for life’s inevitable transitions and how to ensure the well-being of both your family and the environment in your absence. We begin by tapping into readers’ concerns for the future, highlighting the significance of making arrangements now to ease the burden on those left behind.

Yoga’s All-Inclusive Appeal for Seniors

Yoga transcends mobility limitations, making it a sought-after practice among seniors. With aging, chronic illness, or arthritis-related injuries altering exercise routines, retirees seek adaptable fitness solutions. Yogic breathing emerges as a pharmaceutical-free remedy, addressing sleep apnea, cognitive fatigue, and depression, crucial for seniors managing multiple medications.

Revolutionize Your Health Monitoring:

The future of medicine is here, with trackers capable of measuring vital health indicators such as blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels, hormones, and vitamin levels. They even have the potential to detect early signs of conditions like prediabetes and cancer. Embrace the future of healthcare monitoring with advanced biodegradable trackers.

Healthy Bradenton Advertising Opportunities

Maximize your message's impact by strategically positioning it amidst exclusive health-focused content. Choose from a variety of traditional ad sizes, from 1/3-page to eye-catching 2-page spreads. Elevate your brand with featured profiles and captivating spotlight advertorials.

  • Cover Call out + Advertorial + 1/3 Page

  • 2 or 4-Page Advertorial

  • Full Page Profile

  • Premium Cover Options

  • True Center Double

  • Mailing Panel Sponsor

  • 2-Page Ad Spread

  • Full Page Ad

  • 2/3 Page Ad

  • 1/3 Page Ad (Square or Tall)


Multipage Spotlight

Here is an opportunity for your medical practice or services to be featured in Healthy Bradenton, a magazine dedicated to promoting well-being in our community. This is a two-page or four-page story that focuses on your practice. You are the only quoted source in this feature.

Healthy Bradenton Magazine aims to spotlight local healthcare heroes like you, showcasing your unique methods and patient-centric care.


Participation would offer readers an insightful glimpse into the transformative impact of traditional medicine. We believe your story will inspire our audience and shed light on the benefits of your practice. This feature will not only highlight your expertise but also amplify your presence within our engaged readership, providing exposure to potential patients and clients seeking your specialized services.

Participating involves an interview and inclusion of provided photos to capture the essence of the practice. Practice insights and successes will enlighten and resonate with our readership, empowering them to explore traditional medicine further.


Featured Profile

Healthy Bradenton magazine offers the opportunity to highlight individuals who bring innovation, compassion, and unparalleled skill to the forefront of healthcare in our community.

This feature offers an exclusive opportunity to share education, fellowships, insights into a specific practice area, and the philosophy that drives exceptional patient care. It’s a chance to connect with our engaged readership, empowering them with your knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the practitioner.

This feature will not only spotlight the individual practitioner’s achievements and expertise in the most professional manner but also serve as an educational and motivational piece for our readership.


  • 1 professional photo

  • 1,200 character count write-up

  • Business URL and phone number

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